Core Radio Imaging provides radio stations with the industry’s best Voice Imaging and Sound Design at competitive barter rates, or a combination of cash/trade.

No matter the market size, you can sound like a major with customized Produced Voice imaging. With CORE you get amazing imaging, to the programmer’s specs, with quick turnaround times, multiple voices, and a sonic level of creative production monthly. You will have your station positioners, Id’s, promos, and personality poppers beating listener fatigue and having your station call letters recall top of mind.

ROS INVENTORY: intervals of 1 minute per day Monday-Sunday 6A-7P.


The central, innermost, or most essential part of anything
A foundational part distinct by a difference in nature
The Axis of Dynamic Broadcast Imaging

The Axis of Dynamic Broadcast Imaging

  • 4 Elite Voices covering all the textures you need. Male and Female. We also provide supplemental voices as needed for special projects – at NO additional charge
  • Un-Paralleled Cluster wide maneuvering, allows you to use the Voices and pay for the services across the stations in your cluster. More resource flexibility
  • Produced Promos, sweepers and liners monthly, done by major market pros, making your imaging jump out of your speakers
  • Payment Versatility – straight barter, hybrid cash-barter, or straight cash

Stations Inside The CORE

97X, Panama City, Fl, Krammer, afternoon drive/pd say’s “this is exactly the sound I have been looking for on 97X, dynamite bro”

WPHT, Philadelphia ..Jared Hart, Pd….”love the alt rock sound you guys do for us, works in Phili”

Andy Bloom, Pd, Entercom, Minneapolis, “your gonna blow people away with this, light years ahead of what most medium to large market stations can do themselves. I’d love to work with you”

“You nailed the tone, along with the production! It sounds like Hot AC should. Rebecca killed it, too”
Jay Hanson, PD/Morning man
WFMX, 107.9 The Mix, Augusta, Maine

Format Demos:

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