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Sandy Thomas has been heard all over the world voicing promotional announcements, commercials, imaging for radio, network shows, and working with National Ad agencies for over 2 decades. His career launched in South Florida in the 90’s becoming one of the markets busiest and most successful freelance Voices…then relocating to NY in the mid 90’s after being signed to CESD, NY

He currently  works from his studio on Long Island, NY

Credited with over 45 Union, SAG or AFTRA affiliated National Network Commercial Ad campaigns over a 2-decade consistent run. His VO work includes Fear Factor, The NFL, Newsfix, Gillette, Poppa Johns, Keebler, McDonalds, Pepsi, IBM, Toyota, Pontiac, Maxfli, Pizza hut, Thomasville Furniture, Renaissance Hotel Chain, Kraft Foods, Hershey’s, Payday, Sony, HBO, Campbells, Lays Potatoe Chips.. his Voice launched ESPN2 , MSNBC and Game Show Network. ..heard on ESPN, Spike, TLC, Discovery, MTV…The Voice of KIIS-FM, LA, and 1000’s of radio properties in the US and Europe like Virgin radio, Capital-FM, High Feld Stereo, CORK-FM…heard on A&E, TMC..National VO commercial campaigns for  Office Depot, Miller Beer, Jeep, Pontiac, Citizen, Swatch…more.

Represented by:

  • Buchwald – New York, NY
  • NV Talent – Chicago, IL
  • DPN – Beverly Hills, CA

Many of his Radio VO affiliations have spanned, 10, 15, 25 years. These types of affiliations are unheard of in an industry where radio formats are in a constant state of switching. He has been the voice of Steven King’s owned Classic Rock Station in Bangor, Maine for 3 decades.

Thomas held the prestigious honor of being the National Voice of the NFL for 2 seasons. Thomas voiced all their National TV, radio branding, and merchandise spots. 2013 – 2014.

During this same period, he was also lucky to land National commercial VO work. Thomas was awarded the Gillette campaign, and in 2014-15 landed Voice Over work on Peyton Manning’s 1st National spot after retirement for Poppa Johns. This spot titled “Donuts” ran during NFL football broadcasts during the 2016-17 season.

In 2017 Sandy Thomas was hired as one of the Voices of News Fix owned by Tribune Media.

What else is next? CORE. A new, exciting Radio Voice Imaging and Sound Design tool, available on Barter, or whatever makes sense for your Cluster.

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